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1.-Wholesale/Closeouts: Wholesale Junior clothing, Plus Size clothing, Mens clothing, Kids Apparel, Girls Apparel, Boys Apparel, Jewelry, Handbags, Closeout Items, Wholesale Mixed Lots, Information: $3.00

2.-Wholesale & Retail: Automatic Knives, Italian Stilettos, Switchblades, Switchblade Knives, Out-The-Front Knives (OTF), Butterfly Knives, Spring Assisted Knives, Folding Knives, Tactical Knives, Pocket Knives, Hunting Knives, Military Knives, Airsoft Guns, Daisy CO2 Pellet Guns, Daisy BB Guns & Rifles, Lock Picks, Stash Safes, Stun Guns, Brass Knuckles, Pepper Spray, Knuckle Dusters. Offering Inexpensive To High End Products. Smith And Wesson, S&W, SWAT Hidden Release, Extreme Ops, Boker, Magnum, Boker Magnum, Kals74, Kals74b, Piranha, Protech, Microtech, Spyderco, CRKT, Buck, Buck USA, Benchmade, Hubertz, SWAT AUTO, Hubertus Leverlock, MOD, Masters Of Defense, Frank B., AKC, AB, SKM, Maber, Frank Beltrame, Black Tactical Stiletto, B-Stealth, B Stealth, 9" Stiletto, 11" Stiletto, 13" Stiletto, Leverletto, Paragon, Mikov, AMC Piranha, A.M.C. Piranha. Meyerco, Black Cobra, Panther, Raptor, Cali-Legal, California Legal Automatics. Stun Baton, QD Scarab, UTX70, Ultratech, SoCom, Makora, Vector, Benchmade, Camillus, Case, Case XX, Dalton, Combat Elite, Blackhawk, Police Supply, Police Knives, Military Knives, Hunting Knives, Topps, Burn Knives, Daisy Air Guns, BB Guns, Pantball Guns, Slingshots, Crossbows, 50 Lb. Crossbow, 80 Lb. Crossbow: Cat/information: $3.00

4.-Wholesale Closeouts: Carries a full line of Department Store Merchandise, closeouts merchandise, surplus closeouts, department stores closeouts, department store returns and salvage truckloads from over 100 department stores in America. Our prices are pennies on the wholesale dollar. information: $3.00

5.-Wholesale, Closeouts & Retail: building material and home improvement closeouts. Hardwood floors, Ceramic tiles, Lumber, Lighting, Tubs, Area rugs, Laminate, Marble, Landscape, etc., Information: $3.00

6.-Wholesale: Over 4,000 wholesale clothing and accessory items. Womens/Juniors, Plus Size, Maternity, Evening Dresses, Prom & Wedding, Swimwear, Wholesale Handbags, Designer Inspired Bags, Accessories, Luggage, Fragrances, Cosmetics, Ladies Shoes, Men's Shoes, Designer Shoes, Shoe Specials, Information: $3.00

7.-Wholesale products: and distribution of general merchandise and wholesale dollar store products have kept us busy for over 25 years!!!. We offer over 10,000 great dollar items at our 500,000 sq. ft distribution center. We supply to dollar store owners, grocery chains, drug chains, convenient stores, general stores, gift shops, jewelry stores and specialty stores. You’ll find RePack Brands, Apparel & Accessories, Art Frames, Automotive, Baby Apparel, Beverages, Candies, Candlelight, Christmas Goods, Cleaning Products, Disposables, Electronics, Floral, Foods, Footwear, Furniture, Gift items, Glassware, Hardware, Health & Beauty, Home Decore, Home Goods, Household, Kitchen And Dining, Novelties, Outdoor products, Plasticware, Pet Products, Snacks, Stationery, Party Supplies. Offers free catalog. Info: $3.00

8.-Closeouts/Wholesale: Pay only pennies on the wholesale dollar: electronics, exercise equipment, small appliances, clothing, giftware, domestics, toys, tools, housewares, furniture, and much more! Catering to flea market vendors, dollar stores, variety stores, gift stores, wholesalers, we export to: $3.00

12.-Wholesale Motorcycle Accessories: Air box removal kits, Allen bolt kits, Backrest plates, Backrest removal kit, Battery box covers, Bolt covers, Caliper covers, Clutch covers, Coolant assemblies, Dash plaques, Drive shaft covers, Engine side covers, Exhausts, Exhausts ATV, Exhausts slip ons, Exhausts tips, Fender rails, Floorboard kits, Footpegs, Freeway bars, Fuel processors, Handlebar risers, Headlight visors, Horn covers, Hub covers, Jet kits, License plate frames, Light bars, Lowering kits, Luggage racks, Miscellaneous, Miscellaneous ATV, Oil caps-dipsticks, Radiator cap covers, Relocators, Reservoir covers, Saddlebag supports, Sissy bar pads, Sissy bars, Spark arrestors, Speedo mounts, Swingarm pivot cover, Tachometers, Tail lights, Information: $3.00

13.-Wholesale Made in the USA: cowboy hats, belt buckles, bolo ties, leather products, holsters, licensed prouducts (John Deere, Jack Daniels, Budweiser, NFL, Major League Baseball), bandannas, t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, ladies tank tops, belts, suspenders, blankets, ponchos, bolo ties, boot accessories, bumper stickers, embroidered patches, clothing, accessories, flags, gift items, polyresin picture frames and statues, hatbands, feather hatbands, holsters, jewelry, John Deere products, Jack Daniels products, Budweiser products, key rings, leather products, purses, western shirts, rebel / confederate items, licensed sports team belt buckles (major league baseball, NFL, NBA, NCAA, Ford, NASCAR, Peterbilt, Trucker, Armed Forces, Christian, reglious,USA, Patriotic, wildlife, eagles, deer, wolves, Mexican, Country music, Chevy, Dodge, Trophy, southwestern, pewter, cows, pigs, llamas, native american, donkeys, miniature horses, quarter horses, paint horses, Tennessee walker horses, rhinestone, rhinestud, glitter), leather purses, saddle purses, biker wallets, leather vests, dusters, Bullrider, Barrel racing, Rodeo, boot jacks, feather tail clips, square dance, spurs, chaps, money clips, hat tacks, sheriff badges, wool felt hats, straw hats, suede hats, leather hats, oilskin hats, faux felt hats, coonskin caps, headwraps, sterling silver jewelry, scarf slides, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, toy guns, lassos, handcuffs, military products, and much more. information $3.00

14.-Wholesale liquidation Closeouts: Resource for surplus liquidators, merchandise wholesalers, merchandise wholesale, excess stocks, surplus inventory, surplus buyers, closeouts, overstocks retailers, auctioneers, eBay sellers and flea market sellers looking for merchandise liquidations. Apparel, Air Stocking, HBA's, Cosmetics, Hats, Caps, Appliances, Home Security, Sun Glasses, Collectables, Toys and Gadgets, Eye Frames, Electronics, Jewelry, Vintage, Foot Wear, Wedding, Flooring, Swap Meet Deals, Information: $3.00

16.-Merchandise Liquidators: Catering to stores, over 300 store items, 1000 different items in stock. New items arriving daily. Wholesaler, Jobber Distributor Pricing. List/info: $3.00

17.-Manufacturer Direct: We import, export & manufacture Higher End Fine Fashion Jewelry for wholesalers & distributors world wide at wholesale & below wholesale pricing. Our prices are up to 80% discounted. You'll find stunning, elegantly designed jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings, charms, bangles, bracelets, sterling silver, watches: Information $3.00

24.-Closeouts/Wholesale: We wholesale closeout Music CDs, Tapes, VHS, DVDs, T-Shirts, and Novelties. The Merchandise we wholesale are from sources like Store Closings, Factory Overstocks, Cutouts, Liquidations, etc. All the Merchandise we wholesale is New! List/Information: $3.00

25. Wholesale/Closeouts: We buy Products from major manufacturers and retailers and pass on the amazingly low prices to you. You can find them with products like these: • Apparel • Automotive • Baby Products • Christmas • Dollar Store Items • Electronics • Fashion & Accessories • Food & Grocery • Furniture • General Merchandise • Gifts & Novelties • Health and Beauty (HBA) • House wares / Appliances • Military / Camping Goods • Perumes, Colognes (HBC) • Pet Supply • Software / Hardware • Sporting Goods • Stationery . Information: $3.00

27.-Wholesale Novelties that kids love: Most Popular Money: Classic Million Dollar Bill, Liberty Million, Proud Eagle Bill, 10,000 Dollar Bill, Biker-Harley Bill, Jesus Bill, Virgin Mary Bill, Beer, Confederate Or Dixie, Happy Birthday, 2ND Ammendment, Jumbo Money. Presidential Money: George Bush Victory Bill, 2001 Colored BUSH Bill, Bush 2001 Bill, Bush 2002 Freedom Bill, BUSH Trillion Bill, 25 Million Bush Hunter Bill, Commander Bush 2002 Bill, Clinton Sex Dollar Bill, Ronald Reagan Bill. Military Money: POW Bill, Support Troops Bill, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard. Animal Money, Classic Car Money, Sports Money, Holiday Money, Historic Event Money, Postal Money, Zodiac Money, Misc. Money: Guitar, Wild West Bills, Fairies, Play Money, EMS, Gas Station, Rodeo Cowboy, Zero Dollars, Classic Gags: Fake Lottery Tickets, Fake Lotto Tickets W/Display, Fake Parking Tickets, Rude Lottery Tickets, Holiday Lottery Tickets, Giant Eviction Stickers, Giant Condemned Stickers, Snap Gum, Snap Gum W/Spider, Annoying Auto Whistles, Fake Dog Poop, Itching Powder, Fake Blood Capsules, Fake Puff Cigarettes, Dollar Bill Snatcher, Exploding Pens, Spy Sun Glasses, Spanish Fly Stickers. Fart and Smelly Gags: Remote Frt Machine, Fart Buster, Fart Whistles, Fart Gum, Fart Powder, Fart Bombs, Stink Bombs, Whoopie Cushions. Shock Gags: Shock Pen, Shock Lighters, Shock Cell Phone, Shock Stapler, Shock Cigarettes, Shock Gum, Hand Buzzers, Sticker Illusions, Fake Bullet Holes, Fake Kracks, Mini Bullet Holes, Rapid Fire Bullet Holes, 50 Calibur Bullet Holes, Fire Flames Illusions, Blue Flame Illusions, Paint Splats, Glass Cracks Impact, Jurassic Claws, Rolls Of Bullet Holes. Electronic Gags, Sounds That Drive U Crazy, BS Blaster, Disgusting Sounds, Fart Buster, Get Off Phone Exuse Machine, Redneck Horn, Fake Teeth, Goofy Teeth. Glow Products: Flashing Pacifier, Flashing Spike Rings, Flashing Dice, Flashing Star Bracelets, Flashing Porcupine Bracelets, Flashing Spike Bracelets, Glow Eyeglasses, 6 Inch Glow Sticks, Rainbow Glow Necklaces, Tri-Color Glow Necklace, Glow Necklace-Solid, Mile Led Lights Key Chain, Glow Wands, Magnetic Blinking Lights, Hyper Led Light Key Chain, Mini Fiber Optic Lamp, Platinum Book Lamps. Inflatables: 21" Boxing Gloves, 44" Neon Crayons, 44" Color Crayons, 9" Mallet, 36" Jumbo Mallet, 42" Baseball Bats, 36" Dog Bone. Temporary Tattoos, Arm Band Tattoos, MINI 2 INCH Tattoos, Skin Art Tattoos, Glitter Tattoos, Butterfly Tattoos. Stickers: Caution Stickers-50 Designs, Red Sox Stickers, USA Bumper Stickers, USA Flag Static Cling 5X7. Miscellaneous: USA Lapel Pins, Plastic USA Lapel Pins, Iraq Most Wanted Cards, Mens Leather Wallets, Nokia Hands Free Head Sets, Cell Phone Antenna Booster, FBI Most Wanted Cards, Motorola Jabra Head Sets, Multi Function Knives, Monster Sticky Hands, Magnetic Ribbons-Many Designs. Spinner Watches: Fake Celebrity Drivers License And ID's. Tee Shirts: Cool Skull /Rebel Tee Shirts. Doo Rags. Calculators: Jumbo Silver Calculator, Scientific Calculator, Jumbo Black Calculator, Cell Phone/Mirror Calculator, Robot Calculator. Electronics: 5 Head Laser Pointer, Touch Panel Phone-Blue Light, Touch Phone/Removable Calculator, Touch Panel Phone-Fold Away, Mini Racers, Spy Ears, Robot Calculator, Mini FM Clip On Radio, Mini Scan Radios, AM/FM Radio,Flashlight/Siren, 5 Piece Trimmer, Mile Led Lights, Hyper Lights, Stop Watch, Mini Fiber Optic Lamps, Touch Panel Phone, Radio Magnetic Phone, Turbo Twisters, White Led Flashlights. Watches: Ladies Scarf Watch-Solid Band, Ladies Scarf Watch-Pattern Band, Ladies Fashion Watch With Snap Band, Anne Klein Style Fashion Watches, Ladies Fashion Stone Bezel Watches, Ladies Fashion Jelly Band Watches, Ladies Fashion Rainbow Band Watches, Ladies Fashion Stone Watch, Ladies Fashion Cuff Watches, Ladies-Gucci Style Watches, Superman Style SPINNER Watches, Dollar Sign-Spinner Watches, PB Bunny Replica-Spinner Watches, Mens Spinner Watches-Leather, Mens Spinner Watches-Metal, Ladies Interchange Fashion Watch, Ladies Gift Sets-Interchange Watch, Ladies Transparent Bangles Watch, Bling Bling Watches, Geneva Silver Box Sets, Geneva Classic Sets, Fred Belay Sets, Cheap Mens Digital Watches, Cheap Womens Digital Watches, Carabiner Clip Watch, Stop Watches, Kids Watches, Spiderman Watches, Lighter Watches, Bungee Watches, Baby G Replicas, Sport Clocks, Sport Tire Alarm Clock. Bandanas: Chinese Sun, Ying Yang, Smiley Faces, Rodeo Bandana, Red Bandanas, Purple Bandanas, Blue Bandanas, Yellow Bandanas, Green Bandanas, Black Bandanas, White Bandanas, Tye Dye Bandanas, Skull And Crossbone Bandanas, Camouflage, Checkered, Money, Rebel, Sun And Moon. Keychains: Tic Tac Toe Keychain, Rubber Chicken Keychain, Skate Board Keychain, Skull Keychain, Bendable Smiley Keychain. Sunglasses: Terminator Sunglasses, Basic Black, F-Style, Kids Neon, Kids Metallic Star, Neon Wrap Around, Neon, Silver Wrap Around, Gold and asstd colors Wrap Around Sunglasses. Lighters: Lighter Watches, Crystal Lighter, Cell Phone Lighter, Green Flame Trio Lighter, Shock Lighter-Gag Gift. Jewelry: Angel Jewelry, Birthstone Jewelry, Earrings, Magnetic Jewelry. Toys: Nodding Dogs, Nodding Horses, Nodding Pigs, Information: $3.00

28.-Wholesale/Dropship Jewelry Plus: Costume Sterling Silver - Costume Jewelry - Pierced Body Jewelry - Solid 14K Gold - Designer Watches - SemiPrecious Stones - Accessories - Candles - Body & Tattoo Adornments - Crafts & Findings - Figurines - Hair Accessories - Home Accessories - Incense - Licensed Collectables - Key Rings & Holders - Purses & Hand Bags - Toys - Auto Accessories - Body & Tattoo Adornments. Information: $3.00

29.-Store Returns & Closeouts: At a fraction of wholesale cost. Baby Items: baby seats, cribs, high chiars, bottles, toys, etc., Electronics: TVs, camcorders, computers, VCRs, stereos & more, Soft Goods: men's, women's, children's clothing, Mixed Loads: tools, electronics, housewares, domestics, toys: info: $3.00

30.-Wholesale Perfumes: 100% Authentic Brands. Save Up To 90% Off Retail, Calvin Klein, Boss, Escada, Christian Dior, BVLGARI, D&G, Versace, Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Hermes Paris, 212, 212 Sexy, 360, Acqua Di Gio, Amarige, Armani Code, Brit, Burberry Touch, Curve, Dolce Gabbana, Dolce Gabbana Light Blue, Dolce Gabbana The One, Eternity, Fantasy, Hugo, Issey Miyake, Jean Paul Gaultier, Lacoste Essential, Lacoste Grey, Lolita Limpicka, Obsession, Organza, Polo Blue. Information: $3.00

31.-Wholesale/Overstocks: We cater to small and large businesses (resale shops, small boutiques, ebay powersellers, flea market vendors, chain stores, large independent retail stores, even our own competitors. Our manifested 200 piece lots can contain jeans, tops, suits, dresses, skirts, shorts and more. Brands like Apple Bottoms, Baby Phat, Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, Phat Farm, Polo, Roca Wear, Tommy Bahama, Lucky, Jones New York and more of the popular brands you need for your ebay or retail store. Allstate Liquidation is proud to be the trusted supplier of ebay powersellers and retail store owners nationwide. We buy directly from manufacturers, department stores and other retailers - not the middle man! This allows us to buy and sell high quality overstock and shelf pull liquidation clothing for the lowest prices on the internet. Information: $3.00

33.-Wholesale/Dropship: Wholesale Suppliers of Brand New and also Low Cost, Surplus, Liquidation, Closeouts, Products. Free dropshipping for over 3,000 hot selling items. Over 1000 items at below wholesale and closeout prices! Great for Ebay, Dollar Stores, Retailers and Wholesalers. No membership fees No minimum purchase. Items for all holiday’s Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Hanukkah, Mother's & Father's Day and Thanksgiving. We have assortments, Balloons, Balls, Banners & Flags, Baskets, Planters & Vases, Beads, Books, Bows, Candle Holders, Candles, Candy & Snacks, Collectibles, Cosmetics & HBA, Crafts, Fashion, Floral, Garden Items, Gift Bags, Gifts, Glow in the Dark, Graduation, Greeting Cards, Hair Accessories, Hats & Caps, Home Decor, Household & Misc, Inflatables, , Jewelry, Key Chains, Liquidations, Magnets, Mardi Gras, Mugs & Glasses, New Products, New Years, Noisemakers, Oriental, Ornaments, Outdoors, Pallets, Party Supplies, Patriotic, Penny Items, Pens, Photo Frames, Plaques & Wall Hangings, Plush, Prints & Paintings, Red Hat Items, Religious, Ribbon, Rubber Duckies, Sports & Memorabilia, Spring, Stationery & School Supplies, Statues & Figurines, Stickers, St Pat's Day, Summer Fun, Sunglasses, Table Toppers, Tattoos, Throws, Tins, Tissue Decorations, Tote Bags, Toys & Novelties, Valentines, Wallets & Purses, Watches & Clocks, Wedding, Winter, Wreaths, Trees & Plants, Information: $3.00

34.-Wholesale/Imports: Closeouts, Bandanas, Belt Buckles, Checker Flag Items, Collegiate Products, Confederate Items, Convenience Store, Crystal, Display Racks, Don’t Tread On Me, Fans, Fire Department, Flags, Hats, India Items, Jewelry, John Deere, Key Chains, Lapel Pins, Leather Products, Licensed Products, Lighters, Magnets, Military, Native Americans, NFL, Patches, Porcelain Dolls, POW MIA, Rain Gear, Religious Banners, Roses, Route 66, Signs-Metal, Signs- Plastic, Sunglasses, Tattoos, Thermometers, Watches, Wrap Hats Information: $3.00

35.-Wholesale/Dropship: This company has over 60,000,000 products available for dropship. Of course where not going to list them all here. But here's some of the brand names that they handle: Apple, Garrmin, Gap, Perry Ellis, Ping, Banana Republic, TomTom, Eddie Bauer, Microsoft, Luck Brand Jeans, Kodak, Under Armour, Hallmark, BlackBerry, Nike, Nokia, Old Navy, Motorola, Armani, Gucci, Prada, GNC, Breiting, Adidas and much much more. Information: $3.00

37.-Closeouts: Now Over 1,000,000 sq. ft. of warehouse merchandise, ready to be delivered to you! A worldwide distributor and exporter of Department Store Returns and Closeout Merchandise, offering closeouts, liquidation merchandise, salvage, surplus, and a whole lot more at pennies on the wholesale dollar! We have been in the closeouts business for over 23 years, supplying to Wholesalers, Exporters, Retailers, Auctioneers, Brokers, Flea Market Vendors and Closeout Distributors. We carry all types of merchandise from Major Department Stores and manufacturers in the USA, from apparel and domestics to electronics and toys. We sell by the pallet, by the lot, or by the truckload. As a result of our tremendous buying power, we have had the capability to pass big savings to YOU! Our prices won't be beat!. Information: $3.00

39.-Wholesale To The Public: WHY SHOP WITH US?
* No Seller's Permit Required
* No Minimum Order Required
* Free Shipping on All U.S Orders over $50
* Brand New Products at Closeout Prices
* Huge Selection of Hard-To-Find Merchandise
* 30-Day Return Policy
Women's Clothing: Trendy Tops, Basic Tops, Tunics & Dresses, Bottoms, Plus Sizes
Men's Clothing: Tees & Shirts, Jackets & Sweaters, Pants & Shorts, Underwear & Socks, Men's Accessories
Baby & Kids: Baby Clothes, Baby Products, Girls Clothes, Boys Clothes, Toys & Games, School Supplies
Fashion Accessories: Fashion Jewelry, Hair Accessories, Scarves & Shawls, Bags & Belts, Watches & Sunglasses
Intimates & Lingerie: Bras, Panties, Shapewear, Sexy Lingerie, Slips & Accessories
Shoes & Footwear: Women's Footwear, Men's Footwear, Kids' Footwear, Baby's Footwear, Shoe Accessories
Health & Beauty: Beauty Supply, Perfumes & Fragrances, Bath Products, Hair Products, Health Products
Home & Garden: Kitchen & Dining, Party Supplies, Housewares, For My Garden, For My Pet, For My Car
Gifts & Novelties: Candles & Potpourri, Clocks & Frames, Decorations, Seasonal Gifts, Gift Certificates, Information: $3.00

41.-Wholesale Distributor: of over 5,000 licensed action figures, toys, gifts, and collectibles. From brands: Acme Archives • Bif Bang Pow! • Comic Images • Dark Horse • Dc Direct • Diamond Select • Entertainment Earth • Fisher-price • Funko • Gentle Giant • Hasbro • Hasbro Games • Hot Toys • Lego • Mattel • Neca • Plastic Fantasy • Radica • Screenlife Games • Trevco • Underground Toys • Usaopoly • Vandor • Zoomdoggle. Information: $3.00

42.-Closeout/Wholesale: Specializes in Off-Price Merchandise including Closeouts of Clothing and Shoes , Liquidation's of Clothing and Shoes , Manufacturer Cancellations of Clothing and Shoes , Customer Returned Clothing and Shoes, Customer Returned Luggage, Toys, Housewares and General Merchandise. Buy a truckload, pallet or by the box. We are a family owned and operated business with over 21 years of experience in this business which enables us to provide you with the best quality at the best prices. List:$3.00

43.-Dropship/Dealership/Distributorship/Wholesale Car Parts & Accessories: We have a great reputation for providing great prices and services to our dealers and distributors. We seek out products that are in demand and prices that are competitive. We have the finest customer service representatives that are always ready to assist our dealers. Information: $3.00

44.-Closeouts/Wholesale/Dropship: customer returns, overstocks, surplus, and salvage goods offered as low as 7% of wholesale. Buy direct from the vendors. With thousands of inventory in stock, you will be free to supply your inventory. We offer items such as: electronics, tools, name brand clothes, shoes, general merchandise, watches, jewelry, food, HBA, dollar store items, and so much more.... We have secured contracts and agreements with over 50 major different department stores and vendors which are all now at your disposal. Our company strives to obtain new contracts and availabilities everyday. We assist Ebay sellers from ground zero to platinum powersellers.Currently supplying to a growing and large amount of Ebay Sellers - We will soon launch our international Free auction programs to help you better understand the business. The program will cover everything from listings to shipping, covering the basics A-Z of auction selling. We sell by the case, pallet, truckload and containers. We ship worldwide and have become specialists with customs and duty. Info: $3.00

45.-Wholesale Electronic Parts & Accessories: manufactacters and markets thousands of electronic accessory items for use with consumer items, in categories such as Audio, Video, Television, Telephone and Personal Computers, as well as connectors and switches for use in manufacturing. As a full line electronics distribibutor, we also carry other products including speakers, microphones and led lamps. Our Datak line includes dry transfer products, wire markers and printed circuit making products. Information: $3.00

46.-Wholesale/Retail 105 page Security Source Book: (Burglar Alarm Systems) Control Systems, Motion Detectors,Long Range Radio, Digital Communications, Magnetic Contacts, System Accessories, Sounding Devices, Sales Support Materials: $3.00

47.-Wholesale/Closeouts:deal in wholesale distribution of major department store returns, salvage, closeouts, overstock, surplus, liquidations, overruns, resale, and distressed goods. We are the Largest Distributor of Salvage Merchandise, store returns, closeouts overstock merchandise, wholesale closeouts, department store merchandise, truckloads, pallets, store return truckloads, Salvage Items, Closeout Salvage merchandise, Surplus Closeouts, and Salvage department store returns In The West Coast. General merchandise, Power tools, General Merchandise, Electronics, Dollar Store, Shoes, etc. Info: $3.00

49.-Save up to 60% on the world's most popular watches: Baume & Mercier, Bedat, Bertolucci, Breitling, Bulova, Bvlgari, Cartier, Casio, Chase-Durer, Chaumet, Chopard, Christian Dior, Citizen, Concord, Corum, Daniel, JeanRichard, DKNY, Ebel, Elini, Emporio Armani, ESQ, Gucci, Invicta, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Kenneth Cole, Locman, Longines, Michele Watches, Movado, Nike, Omega, Philippe Charriol, Piaget, Pulsar, Rolex (pre-owned), Seiko, Seiko Clocks, Skagen, Swiss Army, TAG Heuer, TechnoMarine, Tissot, Van Cleef and Arpels, Versace , Vizio,Watch Cases & Winders, Men's Jewelry, Loose Diamonds, Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets, Necklaces, Information: $3.00

50.-Wholesale Watches: Up to 50% off on name brands such as: Accutron by Bulova, Activa Watches, Adidas Watches, Aerowatch Watches, Armani Watches, Bedat & Co. Watches, Bertolucci Watches, Body Glove Watches, Breil Watches, Bulova Watches, Burett Watches, Calvin Klein, Cartier Watches, Casio Watches, Christian Bernard, Chronoswiss Watches, Citizen Watches, Clerc Watches, Coach Watches, Concord Watches, Corum Watches, Diesel Watches, DKNY Watches, Dolce & Gabbana, Dubey & Schaldenbr, Ebel Watches, EDOX Watches, Elini Watches, ESQ Watches, Festina Watches, Field & Stream, Fossil Watches, Gevril Watches, Giordano Watches, Gucci Watches, Guess Watches, Hamilton Watches, Immersion Watches, Invicta Watches, JACQUES LEMANS, JACQUES LEMANS F1, Kenneth Cole, Leonard Watches, Locman Watches, Longines Watches, Magico Watches, Mauboussin Watches, Maurice Lacroix, Michele Watches, Movado Watches, Officina Del Tempo, Omega Watches, Oris Watches, Paris Hilton, Poseidon Watches, Pulsar Watches, Puma Watches, Rado Watches, Raymond Weil, Rotary Watches, Saint Honore, Seiko Watches, Skagen Watches, Spazio24 Watches, Stauer Watches, Suunto Watches, Swatch Watches, Swiss Army Watches, SWISS LEGEND, Swiss Watch Intern, Tag Heuer Watches, Technomarine, Timberland Watches, Tissot Watches, Tokyo Flash Watches, Tommy Bahama, Triumph Motorcycle, TX Technoluxury, U-Boat Watches, Ulysse Nardin, Ventura Watches, Whimsical Watches, Wittnauer Watches, Zenith Watches, Zodiac Watches. Info: $3.00

57.- Closeout Shoes: Reebok, Converse, Hi-Tec, Champian, Avia, Adidas, Puma, LA Gear, Etc.. Over a million pairs available for immediate shipment [from 1 case to container loads] Cat: $3.00

59.- Closeouts/Wholesale: We supply pallets and truckloads of bulk, liquidation, salvage, closeout and overstock merchandise of all varieties for pennies on the wholesale dollar. This merchandise comes from a major department store, manufactures and distribution centers: Department Store returns, closeouts and truckloads from over 100 department stores in America. Information: $3.00

60.-Wholesale: Leaders in professional roof restoration systems since 1958 Used in all climates over 60 countries Providing weathertight solutions correcting most roof problems with professional grade repair, reinforcement and restoration systems. Costs a fraction of roof replacement: info: $3.00

62.-Closeouts/Wholesale: Best Supplier of Customer Returns, Liquidations, Store Displays, Shelf Items, Closeouts and Salvage Merchandise by the Pallet, Lot or Truckload! We offer the Best Prices, Best Service, Best Pallets and Best Truckloads of Merchandise in the Industry! We supply Pallets of Merchandise to: Auctioneers, Flea Marketers, Brokers, Liquidators, Jobbers, Discount Stores, Internet Sellers, Yard Sellers, Families, Individuals, Anyone....Looking for a Bargain. All of our merchandise is a mix of customer returns with a few closeouts from major national retailers and catalog companies. Merchandise is sold by the single pallet, lot, or truckload only. You get to pick your own pallet at our warehouse or through the internet: Info: $3.00

63.-Wholesale/Retail Womens Fashion Wigs: our specialized wholesale wigs program which provides hair pieces, wigs, and accessories to salons and other retail outlets. Through Salon Silhouettes, you can find anything you need to sell wigs. We offer catalogs, posters, merchandising displays, and more. You'll be able to outfit your entire business operation through this one-stop resource for wholesale wigs and accessories. Wigs Wiglets, Ad-ons, Skin & Hair care products: Information: $3.00

65-Closeouts: Bankruptcy, Custom Seizures, Odd-Lots. Auctioneers, Liquidators, Appraisers, Licensed Real Estate Brokers. Lets Make A Deal! The More You Buy.. The More You Save. Towels, Footware, mylar Ballons, Travertine Marble, Ceramic Tile, Export Clothing [Many Brands], Porcelain Pedestals, Make-Up, T-Shirts, Candle Holders, Pachislo Slot Machines. Call for current list. Info: $3.00

66-Wholesale, Guide To Investment Publications: 72 pg. Offers trial subscriptions to over 375 different investment and business publications. 20 top investment advisory services of your choice. Free analysis and evaluation of your personal portfolio of stocks or funds. Free 30 day fax montitor of your personal portfolio of stocks or funds. Offers your choice of 20 short trial subscriptions for just $11.95. or for $69 you can receive trials to nearly 250 different investment publications, or for $129 you could receive 20 trial full subscriptions for 13 months of the best proforming most popular or most interesting new investment services there choice. Some of these subscriptions normally sell for as high as $1,275: Cat: $3.00

67.-Wholesale/Closeouts: Worldwide suppliers of quality goods to exporters, auctioneers, retailers, wholesalers, marketers, brokers and anyone who resells for a profit. Electronics, appliances, furniture, clothing, dollar items, hard goods, tools, HBA, food, housewares, domestic, deptment store returns. Pallets as low as $175. Always something new. List: $3.00

69.-Wholesale Quality Hardware: 258 pg. Furniture fittings & components, Builders hardware, Interior accessories, Industrial hardware, Metal furniture, Handles, Knobs, Hinges, Catches, Latches, Locks, Wall fittings, General application fittings, Door hardware, Other unique products, Marine & recreation vehicles interior application series, Pull-down closet rod, Twin wheel casters, Stainless steel glass door hinges, Concealed hinges, Piano hinges, Touch latch, Magnelatch, Slide magnelatch, Magnetic catches, Push knobs, Glass door locks, Cylinder locks, Stays with single knuckle hinges or drop hinges, Stainless steel ball bearing slides, (Pocket, flipper, folding, sliding & multi-door hardware), Mirror supports, etc: Cat: $3.00

74. Wholesale Watches and Swiss Watches: including Rolex, Tag Heuer, Panerai, Cartier Breitling, Patek Philippe, Rado, Omega, Movado, Citizen, Accutron, Seiko, Bulgari, Ebel Ernst Benz, Longines, Luminox, Bertolucci, Raymond Weil, Revue Thommen, Wittnauer AquaMarin, Suunto, Pulsar, Bulova, Chopard, Cyma, Bedat, Ulysse Nardin, Jean d'Eve Fortis, Oris, Corum, Invicta, Baume et Mercier, Zenith, Blancpain, Caravelle, Tissot Maurice Lacroix, Concord. Info: $3.00

75.-Closeout Groceries and more: Groceries are an excellent category to sell. Fast turn over and great demand, Big profit potential. Large supermarkets chains have a very small markup on food. Therefore, you can effectively compete with them. Buy banana boxes full of groceries, below wholesale price and easily sell below your neighborhood supermarket's advertised special prices!!! Also: Books, DVD's, VHS, Clothing, Commodities, Deals & Steals, Designer Luxury Brands, Diapers, Dollar Store Goods, Domestics, Electronics, Furniture, Handbags, Housewares, Perfume & HBA, Paint, Refurbished Appliances, Shoes, Sporting Goods, Tools and Hardware, Toys, Treasures and Bargains. Our customers buy closeouts & surplus for pennies on the wholesale dollar. They then easily sell these closeouts at prices much lower then their competitors. Our dealers achieve rapid turnover and huge profits. They often tell us about long lines of eager customers, snaking all around the block, each time they receive one of our truckloads. WOW!!!Retailers, exporters, auctioneers and eBay Power sellers continously re-order, which means that they do very well with our closeout merchandise.
Would you also like to buy name brand closeouts for 50% to 90% below wholesale cost? Do you also want to acquire a distinct edge, a proven advantage over your competitors? Informatiom:$3.00

78.-Wholesale Brands: Many products from: Olympus, Fuji, Samsung, Pentax Technologies, Nikon, Polaroid, Conair, QueaseEase. Information: $3.00

79.-Wholesale/Dropship Jewelry and Gem Stones: Carved Hearts, Carved Stars, Chakra Set, Chip Collection, Eggs, Fetish Bead, Fetish Bead Limited Edition, Foo Dogs, Globes, Happy Buddha, Large Merkabas, Large Pyramids, Massage Wands, Pendulums, Runes, Serpentine Bowls, Spheres, Tumbled Stones, Worry Stones, Chains, Cords, Hair Products, Pendents. Information: $3.00

83.-Wholesale/Closeouts: We offer America’s best seller from America’s leading knitwear mills! Hanes, Hanes her way, Fruit of the loom, Tee Jays, etc. We sell the basics in the following item: Summer activewear, Tanktops, Knit Shorts, Pocket Tees, Activewear Tops, Fleecewear, Sweatshirts, Sweatpants, Zipper and Pullover Hooded Sweatshirts, Mens,Womens, Childrens Knitted Apparel. List: $3.00

85.-Discount/Wholesale/Dropship Tools: Your #1 Discount Tool Source For Quality Discount Automotive, Construction & Industrial Tools at Wholesale Pricing, Dropshipped to You, Your Jobsite or Your Customer. Ridgid, Milwaukee, Heiko, Skil, ATV's Pocket Bikes, Scooters, etc. Information $3.00

87.-Wholesale 100 Varieties of Gourmet & Flavored Coffee: Freshly roasted daily! Rare Coffee!, Coffee imported from Central & South America, Africa, Pacific Islands. Naturally decaffeinated coffees, Syrups, Cocoas, Teas & Biscotti. The commercial equipment you will need to start your own business. Complete Packaging & Merchandising. Your own private label available. Cat: $3.00

90.-Wholesale Closeouts: Wholesale Closeouts: We appreciate the opportunity to help you increase your profit margins by purchasing top quality, name brand closeouts at a fraction of the suggested retail price! In fact, you can expect to pay less than 1/2 wholesale for virtually every item that we offer--no matter how many you buy! Books, Gift Packaging, Gifts, Greeting Cards, Jewelry, Music, Novelties, Stationary, etc.: $3.00

91.-Wholesale/Retail, Fine Art Cards & Gifts: cat: 51 pg. Deluxe Christmas card assortments: Holiday Horses, Home For Holidays, Western Joy, Western Tradition, Wild & Wonderful, Sacred Season, Winter Wonderful, Wildlife Gallery. Classic Christmas card assortments: Native American, Inspirational, Winter Wonderful, Holiday Horse, Wildlive Gallery, Western Heritage, Country Cabin, Classic Train. Thanksgiving cards, Everyday cards, Greeting card assortments: Horse, Camouflage Art, Cottages, Florals, Expressions Of Sympathy, Hummingbird, Western Tradition, Mountain Grandeur, Barnyard, Country Gals, Southwest, Wild & Crazy, Birthday, Characters, Indian. Correspondence card assortments: Wolves, N. American Wildlife, SW Images, Country cottages, Feathered friends, Songbirds of America, Mountain scenes, Fun in the west, Equine Gallery, Floral collection, Classic Indian, Contemporary wildlife, Bryans Moon’s cats & dogs, Garden collection. Poster Prints-Framed or unframed, Puzzles, Giftwrap, Wearable art. Magnetic cards, Mugs, Traincard collection: $3.00

93.-Dept Store Returns/Closeouts: We Blow the Competition Away: Baby loads, Diaper loads, High end clothing - tommy, DKNY, Polo, etc. Non-con loads, Tools, Shoes - Niki, Fila, etc, KD Furniture, Luggage, Childrens clothes, Houseware trailers, High end electronic pallets, Catalog housewares, domestics -comforters, sheets, etc, Mixed pallets, high end jewelry, Toy pallets, Microwaves, DVDs+VCRs, Small appliances, Pet supplies. List: $3.00

94.-Dropship, Wholesale Toys: 1:10 Scale Rc Cars - 1:12 Scale RC Cars - 1:14 Scale RC Cars - 1:16 Scale RC Cars - 1:18 Scale RC Cars - 1:24 Scale RC Cars - 1:6 Large RC Cars - 1:8 Scale RC Cars -Burago Models - Diecast Corvettes - Diecast Models - Diecast Mustangs - Diecast Trucks - Educational Toys - Entertainment Diecast - Ertl Models - Greenlight Models - Guiloy Models New- Highway 61 Models - Hotwheels Models - IXO Models - Jada Models - Jadi Models - Kyosho Models - Maisto Models - Mini Rc Cars - MiniChamps Models - Motor City Classics - Motormax Models - Norev Models New - Precision Miniatures - RC Airplanes - RC Boats - RC Buggies - RC Cars - RC Helicopters - RC Tanks - RC Trucks - Remote Control Construction New - Remote Control Nintendo Toys New - Revell Models - Ricko Models - Road Signature - Shelby Collectables - Signature Models - Sun Star Models - Unique Replicas - Welly Models. Information: $3.00

100.-Wholesale/Retail: We specialize in the import & export of European tapestries, tapestry cushions/ tablecloths/table runners, handbags, tablemats, bell pulls, decorating accessories linen and gift items. Information: $3.00

101.- Liquidation/Wholesale: We sell a variety of quality merchandise at below wholesale prices, and have one of the largest inventories in the business. As one of the largest buyers of distressed goods in the business, our customers are buying direct from the source when they buy from us. You are invited to visit us by appointment.We specialize in general consumer merchandise i.e., hard goods, furniture, clothing and accessories. We buy in large quantity and offer smaller quantities to our customers. We ship FOB our warehouse as well other direct FOB points. We have a freight department to handle your shipping at the lowest possible rates. We export and import, and also have an office in China. We sell to Off Price Buyers: i.e., Closeout Sellers, Brokers, Flea Market Vendors, Auctioneers, Online Sellers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Exporters, Distributors, Non-Profit Organizations, Surplus Stores, Chain Stores, Yard Sales, etc. We also sell to competitors. Information: $3.00

102.- Department Store Returns: Surplus goods, Closeouts and Liquidation items. We purchase our pallets/products in truckloads directly from department store distribution centers and other suppliers. We do not cherry pick our pallets. Most pallets will leave our warehouses as they came in. Information: $3.00

103. Below Wholesale/Closeouts: We shop the world to bring you quality surplus, overstocks, and department store returns in the Jewelry Catagory. We have been in the Closeout Business since 1972. If for any reason you are not satisfied you may return product for full credit. Manufacturers produce billions of dollars in excess inventory each year. We have built a relationship with select, leading manufacturers to purchase those extra products at deep discounts and pass the savings on to you. Often, the price you pay is far below the manufacturer's cost. Info: $3.00

104.-Wholesale: Audio/Video Acessories: Cat. 35pg. , Betacam, Betamax, Audio Cassettes, Digital Compact Cassettes, CDR-Recordable CD, CDR & Minidisc, Datacarts-4mm & 8mm, Digital Audio Tape (DAT), DAT Cases, DAT Head Cleaner, DAT Racks, HI-8 & 8mm Video, Mastering Tape, Digital Mastering Tape, Professional Duplicating Tape, 3/4" U-Matic, VHS, VHS Head Cleaner, D2 Composite Digital, 1" Video, Equipment List, Cat: $3.00

105.-Pre-Owned Office & Hotel Furniture: Our company acquires the fine office furniture, equipment and room decor from corporate offices and also fine furnishings and room decor from five-star and other upscale hotels and resells them to business, the trade and the general public. We are continuously seeking new acquisitions of office furnishings and equipment. In addition, we also acquire excess inventories and closeouts of office furnishings and equipment. Our goal is to offer these furnishings to the public and other businesses at a reasonable price. We are also continuously seeking new acquisitions of fine furnishings from hotels. In addition, we also acquire excess inventories and closeouts of fine furnishings from interior decorators and manufacturers. Our goal is to offer these distinguished furnishings to the public and other hotels at a reasonable price. We are continuously updating our inventory. Info: $3.00

106.-Wholesale Distributor: of men's, women's, and boy's t-shirts, jeans, sweats, golf shirts, and licensed blankets and throws. We specialize in name brand off-price goods {Fruit Of The Loom, Hanes, Anvil, etc.] including closeouts, irregulars, and store returns as well as first quality merchandise. info: $3.00

108.-Wholesale: Water Filtration Systems: Ultraviolet, Countertop, Shower Units, Units for refrigerators employing automatic ice makers or water dispensers, Whole house units: Cat. & complete info packet: $3.00

109.-Wholesale Bags/Boxes etc: T-Shirt style bags, Merchandise bags, Garment bags, Trash Liners, Apple brand reclosable, Designer apple bags, Reclosable Polybags, Door knob bags, Impulse heat sealers, Twist ties, Open-End Polybags 1&2 mil, Produce bags, Plastic shopping bags, Gift bags, Highlophane bags, Permanent markers, Pricing Guns, Labels for Garvey pricing guns, Custom printed labels, Sign cards, Labels, Hangers, Tagging Guns, Fasteners, Tagging Gun needlels-5PK, Merhandise Tags, Sale tags, Jewelry tags, Lay-away tags, Hang tabs, Rubber bands, Bows 1" Mini, Mini hat (Ring) boxes, White, Crystal & Gold foil jewelry boxes, Watch box - Three way, Earring cards, Ring boxes, Jewelry displays, Giftware boxes, Cellophane tape, White tissue paper, Shredded beauty glass, Express shopping basket, Stretch wrap & dispenser, Cutters, ackaging tape, Sales books: 38 pg. Cat: $3.00

112.-Wholesale/Retail: 195 pg., Maintenance, Safety, Material-Handling, Office, Storage and Shop Equipment: Benches, Bins, Boxes, Buildings, In-Plant, Bumpers, Cabinets, Cans, Carts, Casters, Chairs, Column Guards, Containers, Conveyors, Cranes, Cutters, Desks, Dock Equipment, Dumpsters, Enclosures, File Cabinets, Grabs, Hoists, Jacks, Jib Cranes, Ladders, Lifters, Lights, Pallet, Racks, Shipping Room Supplies, Trucks, Vacume Cleaners, Waste Containers, Wheels, and Much More!: Cat: $3.00

116.-Closeouts: consumer merchandise including housewares, giftwares, clothing, sporting goods, hardware, snack food, juvenile merchandise, dollar store merchandise, premiums, health/beauty aids, novelties, party and paper goods, stationary, private label merchandise, etc: List $3.00

117.-Wholesale Fragrances: Personal Care: Cosmetics and toiletries; including bath oils, antiperspirants, bath salts, body scrubs and shower gels, skin creams and moisturizers Shampoos and other hair care products; including permanents, pomades and hair dyes Pharmaceutical creams, lotions and salves Baby Care including powders, lotions, baby wash and pre-moistened wipes Men’s grooming, including after shave lotions, shaving cream, hairsprays, gels and colognes.
Home Fragrance Air Care: Candles and incense, Potpourri (liquid and botanical), Air fresheners, Room sprays, Plug-in air, fresheners, (liquids & gels), Sachets.
Fine Fragrances: Perfumes, Colognes, Body sprays.
Household: Soaps and detergents, Cleaning products for floors, tiles, windows Disinfectants, cleaners and polishes, Bleach based formulations Specialization in fragrancing or neutralizing aggressive bases.
Industrial: Masking agents for industrial malodors, Fragrances for plastics and printing inks/solvents: Info:$3.00

118.-Brand New First Quality Toys: A Great Selection and Assortment of Toys for Boys and Girls. Nobody Beats Our Prices When It Comes To Toys!!! Items may include: Remote Control Toys, Talking Toys, Educational Toys, Barbie Dolls, Cars, Electronic Toys, Dolls, Battery Operated Trains, Games, Action Figures, Talking Toys, Hand-held Toys, Lego Toys, Toy Trucks, Racing Cars, Computer Toys, Pre-school Toys and much more. Available by the pallet, lot or by the truckload. We also deal in Surplus Apparel, Houseware Closeouts, Salvage Merchandise, Overstock Electronics, Domestics Liquidation, Discontinued Footwear, Excess Inventory Toys, Department Store Returns, Below Wholesale Cosmetics, Below Wholesale Computers, Children's Clothing Overruns Info: $3.00

119.-Wholesale & Retail Candy: Tons of candy choices! From Sky Bars to Wax Lips we carry them! Check out our 50's Candy Box or 60's Candy Box and our 70's Candy Box. Nostalgia candy brings back memories of your childhood while fresh candy ideas make your day brighter! Enjoy our Salt Water Taffy - Bazooka Gum - Zagnut Bars - BB Bats - Hot Tamales - Clark Bars - Charleston Chew - Good & Plenty - Sugar Babies - Pop Rocks - Rock Candy - Junior Mints - Try this new Sour Powder in a wide variety of flavors. These Wonka Bars and Zero Bars are amazing too. Info: $3.00

120.-Wholesale Import From Hong Kong: Pen Watches (ballpoint & fountain), Music Pens, Nite-Pen great for night writers when it’s time for lights-out, Calculators & Watches that runs on Water Power: Info. Packet: $3.00

122.-Science & Surplus: 96pg: Incredible Stuff, Unbelievable Prices! Arts/Crafts, Audio/Video Things, Batteries & Power Supplies, Books, Bottles, Bags, Boxes, Compononents, Alarms, Bearings, Blowers, Casters, Gauges, Heating/Cooling, Plumbing, Switches, Electrical/Electronic Gear, Kits, Science & Electronic , Lab Things, Lamps, Lights, Sockets, Magnets, Materials, Mechanical Stuff, Military Items, Models, Motors, A.C./D.C., Office Things, Optics & Lenses, Ready To Wares, Tape, Teaching Supplies, Tools & Hardware, Toys, Cat: $3.00

123.- Wholesale/Manufacturer/Closeouts: Over the past 50 plus years, our company has evolved into a prime importer/manufacturer with the most diversified line of key accessories and assorted novelties currently available in the USA. We are involved in many different industries including: Hardware, Locksmith, Convenience Store, and Souveni, Info: $3.00

132. Dealership! 4 Wheel Bike That Drives Like A Car: For pleasure, exercise fun and for basic transportation. For a money making opportunity to sell from a dealership or start a fleet, at $1 per 10 minute ride, a day in the park could net you over $180 per car. Info. paket: $3.00

133. Distributorship: cat: 56pg: Concession Supplies: Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Snow-Cones, Nachos, Concession Classics, Paper Products [Cold drink cups, Napkins, etc.], Janitorial [Floor care, Carpet care, General cleansers, etc.]: cat: $3.00

134. Wholesale/Closeouts: Americas best most complete reading glass inventory: Color lens w/rhinstones,bifocals,sunglass bifocals, spring hinge, power up to 500. Beautiful styles, low prices start .43 cents. Free display with order List: $3:00

136. Discount/Closeout Hobby Surplus: Trains, Lionel, HO Scale, Train repair parts, Plastic Models, Diecast, Rockets, Slotcars, Radio Control, Thomas Trains, Big Bang Cannons, Live Steam Engines, Wooden Models, Coin Collecting. Info:$3.00

137. Wholesale Jewelry: Collection of Sterling Silver and Natural Jewelry since 1985. Gorgeous Artwear in Agates and Onyx. Rep kits, Samplers and Anklet Programs. [Bulk Buyers who go abroad for their buying. Now for the same cost as buying from overseas enjoy facilities like returning what you don’t like and the protection of U.S. laws, when you buy directly from us. [Agency services available], Info:$300

138. Toy Manufacturer: We carry over 1000 different toys: Weazel Ball, Model Cars, RadioControlled, Dolls, Educational and much more. Info. packet: $3.00

140. Wholesale/Drop-ship: •No inventory needed, we drop ship all orders directly to your customer's with your name as the shipper
•This is your business, you are in total control and keep all the profits and set all the selling pricing, your profit potential is unlimited
•Powerful auction creation and advertising software, if you plan on doing business on EBay, Yahoo, Overstock, Shopzilla or any other auction / advertising sites this special software makes creating stunning and professional looking auctions as easy and point and click
•Exclusive, Command Center 5.7 Powerful command center software that makes using all of our company benefits, one-click easy. Whether you want to post an auction on our FREE auction site, increase your web traffic and sales with our high volume classified ad website, look up a below wholesale price or look up a below wholesale price on any of our 61,000 name brand electronics products, this powerful software makes it one-click easy!
•dealers to sell anything they like with no fee's of any kind.
•A large $5,000.00 guaranteed credit line* with no security deposit or credit checks
•Leasing of computers and equipment directly to your customers, increase your sales by offering affordable monthly payments
•Virtually no overhead, start from home or small office with start up costs of under $150.00
•Professionally produced digital color catalogs with virtual page flipping technology, on a CD ROM that can be customized with your name and address, use these digital catalogs as your own and gain a big business look, without the expense of creating them yourself. Make as many copies as you like, all at no additional cost and WOW your customers with this big business sales tool!
•Below wholesale pricing on 61,000 name brand products from companies like Acoustic Research, Advent, AT&T, Audiovox, Beltronics, Bosch, Canon, Cerwin Vega, Casio, Citizen, Cobra, Coby, Conair, Crime Stoper, D-link, Delphi, Dual, Duracell, Energizer, Eureka, Fender, Fuji, Garmin, GE, Gemini, Go Video, Harley Davidson, Harmony, Intec, Irock, JBL, Jensen, JVC, JWIN, Kenko, Kenwood, Konica Minolta, Koss, Lenmar, Lexar, Logitech, Mace, Magellan, Magnavox, Maxell, Mintek, Monster Cable, Motorola, Mustek, Nextel, Nokia, Olympus, Panasonic, Pioneer, Polaroid, Pyle, Rio, Rockbox, Rocky Mountain Radar, Sanyo, Sennheiser, Sharp, Sherwood, Siemens, Sony, Speakercraft, SVA, TDK, Timex, Viewsonic, Whistler, Yamaha, Zenith and many many more!
•Over a dozen proven ways to profit, including Internet based marketing with your own web site that we can develop and maintain for you, catalog sales, mail order, retail consignment, and others
•Toll Free 800 Order line, Fax ordering, and On-line ordering via the web
•Guaranteed Merchant Account that allows you to accept all major credit cards thus increasing your business by up to 50%. Info:$3.00

141. Wholesale: Unique, exiting & beautiful sterling silver jewelry, hand crafted by skilled artisans around the globe. A direct importer and your best source for popular reatail tested designs that really sell, selected with an eye for beauty and many years of retail and wholesale experience. We’re always searching worldwide for the best possible designs and prices, to consistently supply you the best merchandise available anywhere. All items are guaranteed solid 925 purity, with top quality workmanship, the best grade cz and natural gem stones. We stand behind all are products with a deep commitment to fair prices, honest service and the finest quality. We believe you’ll agree, the caliber and beauty of our merchandise speak for themselves. Cat: $3.00

143. Wholesale 131pg Catalog: Business furniture: Leather swivel/tilt chairs/big & tall seating, enterprise & big top seating, contemporary seating, classic & updated traditionals, many style desks and book case units. cornerstone, barrinton, wyndham and new bedford collection. Affordable traditional elegance. Classic traditional conference grouping. Panel and modular furniture systems, portable partition & wall mounted systems. Versatile meeting room & seminar tables, TV/VCR mounting systems, durable bulletin boards, EZ storage literature centers. Many style collections of seating for your office, reception & lounge areas, heavy duty steel storage file cabinets & systems, public modular seating, computer work stations etc., etc: $3.00

144. Distributorship/Opportunity: Become a Factory Distributor and Start TURNING PAPER INTO PROFIT$! With Our Exclusive All Occasion Card Line plus Holidays. Each display stand will become your silent salesman, producing ongoing profits, (without you even being there). Our cards are priced for a fast return on your investment. Info: $3.00

145. Wholesale As Seen On TV Items: Abs of stell, Stick-It, Quik Chopper, Microwave Chip Maker with cover, Electro Stimulator, Super Slicer, Rolykit, Miracle Mop, EZ Krunch, Baby Boom Box, Wheezelball, Wrinkles Out, Heavy Duty Security Alarm & Lock Bar. Secures Windows & Sliding Doors and much much more. Cat: $3.00

146. Returns/Wholesale Costume Jewelry: Department Store Returns, Buy bulk and save, all carded, 1000s of different items & styles/ Foster Grant Reading Glasses, fantastic assortment of styles & strengths, excellent quality: Info: $3.00

147. Wholesale Jewelry/Dealership: Jewelry Money-Makers: Celtic Jewelry, Western Jewelry, Opal Jewelry, Biker Jewelry, Nautical Jewelry, Jewelry by Weight, Rings, Pendants, Earrings. Wide assortments of Earrings and rings., Info: $3.00

148. Imports/Exports/Closeouts/Dollar Store Items: Our company specializes in providing a variety of general merchandise at price points that are specific to dollar stores, discount stores, wholesale and bargain centers. We are direct importers & exporters of general merchandise, ranging from stationery, housewares, tools, hardware, toys, giftware, party favors, baby items, pocket knives, and automotive accessories. "2,500 items in a 108 pg. Cat": $3.00

149. Closeouts/Wholesale Electronics: The leaders in telecommunications, Top name brands in telephones/answering machines: Info: $3.00

150. Wholesale/Import Watches: Mens and Ladies, many different styles: Info: $3.00

151. Wholesale Watches: Mens & Ladies Quartz Analog Watches, assorted faces, leather bands, name brands available, Laser pointers, socks, disposable lighters, Job cigarette papers, Panasonic batteries, Kodak film, Info: $3.00

152. Wholesale/Closeouts: a wide variety of paint brushes, rollers, roller covers, paint roller pans,foam brushes, putty knives, break off razor blade knives, metal rulers, casters, caulking guns, and closeouts at incredibly low prices. List: $3.00

153. Wholesale Mens/Women/Childrens Underwear: Scorpio Briefs/color and Full Briefs, Boxers, Long Johns, Pajamars, Tank Tops, Socks, Hosiery, Info: $3.00

154. Closeouts/Wholesale Toys, Health & Beauty Aids: Toys: Milton Bradley, Parker Brothers, Hasbro, Fisher Price, Mattel Hot Wheels, Tyco, Mattel Disney/Barbie and many more, Health & Beauty Aids: shampoo, lotions, hairspry, conditioners, name brand OTC medicines, and many more, Info: $3.00

155. Watch Liquidators: Closeouts, Overstocks or Dead inventories: Movado, Gucci, Tag Heuer, Rolex, Sector, Swiss Army, Rado, Ebel, Omega, Tudor, Elgin, Waltham, Benrus, Jules Jurgensen, Timex, Gruen, Bill Blass, Armitron, Relic, Helbros, Seiko, Citizen, Pulsar, Bulova, Tissot, Hamilton, Fendi, Lasalle, Nobelia, Esq, Wittnauer, Alfex, Info: $3.00

156. Wholesale Liquidators: Food, Houseware, Hardware, Automotive, HBA, Chemical, Electronic, Toys, Furniture, Flooring, Appliances, Linen, Clothing, Accessories. Info: $3.00

157. Wholesale: 1000's Of New Products including: Apparel and Garments, Aroma Burners, Aromatherapy Products, Bandanas and Caps, Beaded Curtains, Bedspreads & Tapestries, BlackLights and Party Bulbs Boxes, Candles, Candle Holders, Cigarette Cases, Decals & Stickers, Incense, Incense Burners, Incense Supplies, Jewelry Misc. NOWGear, OilLamps, Patches, Pewter Frames, Pewter Giftware, Posters, Shot Glasses, Statues, Wall Decor, Water Fountains, Windchimes. Info: $3.00

159. Wholesale: We sell novelty wholesale items and gifts ( General Merchandise Wholesale ) to all types of retailers like, Drug Stores, Gift Shops, Hospital Gift Shops, Truck Stops, Hardware Stores, Variety Stores, Souvenir Stores & Museums. Many other retailers also purchase our merchandise for promotions and sales. We also sell to schools, churches and organizations for Santa Shops, Holiday Shops, Carnivals, Promotions, Book Fairs and a host of other activities. Information: $3.00

162. Wholesale: Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, fashion pins, gift box sets, all carded no junk. Licensed products only!. Brand new merchandise, 1st quality, each piece is on a beautiful display card, Angel Jewelry, Cuff Link & Tie Bar Sets, Men Zone, Anklets & Toe Rings, Displays & Bags, Misc. Merchandise, Beading Supplies, "Dollar Store" Jewelry, Necklaces & Sets, Birthstone Link, Earrings, Pins & Brooches, Body Jewelry, Flag Jewelry Link, Red Hat Jewelry, Bracelet Link, 14K Gold Jewelry Link, Rings, Chains And Keychains, Hair Accessories Link, Shell Jewelry, Christian Jewelry Link, Heart Jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Closeouts: Hemp & Natural Jewelry, Trendy Jewelry, Chidren's Jewelry, Hip Hop/Bling Bling, Watches, Crystal Jewelry, Magnetic Jewelry, Xmas Jewelry, high retail value. Info: $3.00

165. Wholesale/Closeouts Silver Jewelry: All items are .925 Sterling Silver unless labeled "fashion jewelry. Bracelets, Chain, Charms, Earrings, Necklaces, Pins, Pendants, Slides, Rings, Toe Rings, Body Jewelry, Watches, Child & Baby Collection, Fashion Jewelry Collection, Men's Jewelry Collection, Pearl Jewelry Collection. Info: $3.00

166. Wholesale/Closeouts: This company member of the American Gem Trade Association, also listed with the Board Of Trade and deals with premium quality jewelry. They have a Gemologist on staff. There are thousands of fine jewelry pieces and loose stones. Choose from Chatham-Created lab-grown gemstones and diamonds; premium gold lockets and silver lockets, designer gemstone jewelry; traditional 14k gold jewelry; birthstone jewelry; sterling silver jewelry; stunning diamond jewelry and more! If you don't see what you want they can help you find it. Info: $3.00

169. Wholesale/Closeouts: The premier supplier of wholesale gift products for large and small retailers. Bone Carvings, Boxes, Candles, Decor Ornaments, Dining & Home , Display & Holiday, Dolls & Charms, Fashion, Garden Accessories, Gifts In Glass, Butterfly Garlands, Handbags & Purses, Incense, Jewelry & Accessories, Journal & Desk , Kites, Lanterns Tealights Lamps, Light Strings, Magnets Wires & Clips, Mirror Items, Mobiles, Parasols, Picture Frames, Porcelain Ceramics, Statuary & Banks, Suncatchers, Wall Art, Wind Chimes. Info: $3.00

171. Wholesale/Import: We are wholesale distributors and direct importers of home and garden accessories, Home And Garden Home Decor Seasonal, Christmas Angels, Christmas Candles, Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Stockings, Christmas Tree Skirts, Christmas Tree Toppers, Christmas Wreaths, Nativity, Nutcrackers, Reindeer, Rudolph, Santa Claus, Snowflakes, Snowglobes, Snowmen, Virgin Mary. Information: $3.00

173. Dealing products In large classification, the latest dealing products are as follows;(Export from Japan) 1)used vehicles & accessories: Used car, Used motorcycle, Used truck (Pick up, Light van, Dump truck,Trailer truck, Refrigerator van, Bulk truck, Truck crane, Fork-lift-truck, Concrete pump truck, Concrete mixer truck etc) Used pleasure boats including out board engineUsed construction machine (Excavator, Wheel loader, Bulldozer, Forklift,Compressor,etc), Used Farm machine(Tractor,caltivators,harvesters & so on) Used Jib Crane(traveling crane, truck crane, truck mounted tower crane, crawler crane, loader ,unloader etc) Used parts for Japanese car, motorcycle, truck,bus & heavy equipment,mainly engines and related parts Brand new, non-genuine spare parts for Japanese cars Parts and accessories for motorcycle (New, non-genuine) Conveyor & Cargo elevator & Lifter(New and Used) Tire for car,truck & bus(New and Used) Tire casing(New and Used) Wheel Used vessels(fishing vessels, general cargo ships) Marine equipments & machineries (New and Used) 2)Used industrial machines Used machine tools Used printing machines 3)Metals Steel products & Semi products(prime, over-rolled, secondary)(Billet, Bloom, Slab, HR,CR coil & sheet, Round bar,Wire rod, etc) Steel scraps(heavy & light) 4)Refractory 5)Plastic resin (off-grade, reprocessed, regrind) 6)Used medical instrument Used MRI, Used CT, Used Ultrasound Scanners) 7)Used musical instrument Used piano 8)second-hand electric home appliances Used Audio, Used Air-conditioner, Used Refrigerator, Used Washing machines Used other products Security products 9)Used office machines Used copy machine Used fax machine Used other machines (Import into Japan)1)metal Steel products(coil & sheet, coating or surface treating sheet, shape steel, round-bar, wire rod, pipe & tube etc) metal scraps(Stainless steel, Nickel and its alloys, Copper and Nickel alloys, titanium) Miscellaneous chemical products, Iron & steel, Articles of iron or steel, Copper & articles thereof, Nickel & articles thereof, Aluminum & articles thereof, Lead & articles thereof, Zinc & articles thereof, Tin & articles thereof, Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery & mechanical appliances, computers, Electrical machinery & equip. & parts; telecommunications equip., sound recorders, television recorders, Vehicles other than railway or tramway rolling stock, Ships, boats, & floating structures, Musical instruments; parts & accessories, Construction, Transportation: Info: $3.00

174. Closeouts: Your DIRECT SOURCE for the best "Off Price Merchandise". Our DIRECT BUYING POWER ensures you are buying for PENNIES ON THE WHOLESALE DOLLAR. Let us Boost Your Sales and Profits Great Selection of Off Price Apparel, Electronics, Tools, Houseware, Sporting Goods, Footware and much more. Let us Help You Cash In On "BIG PROFITS" Merchandise Your Customers Want At Liquidation Prices! Information: $3.00

176. Gourmet Coffee Machines “Spare Time business With No Selling”: Here’s your opportunity to own your own business. We make the contacts, place the machines and provide training, you just provide our coffee products. It’s your business, complete training, we place the machines, dailyrevenuegenerated, you own the machines, machines have a life time warranty, machines sell themselves, high profit coffee products, they can only use your products, easy to get started. Info kit: $3.00

179. Wholesale/Closeouts: We specialize in first quality closeouts priced Below wholesale. We have been in business since 1977, and we are known for "Specializing In A Little Bit Of Everything." Keep in mind that our closeout merchandise is priced to move, and closeouts are Here Today, Gone Tomorrow. All Merchandise is First Quality and in the Original Cases. Everything on the site is in our warehouse ready to ship. We sell by full cases only! We have thousands of different items in stock. Info: $3.00

180. Wholesale: “Novelty License Plates” Many different kinds of all 50 states from the 1920's through the 1990's, Plates with sayings, etc. Information: $3.00

181. Closeouts/Surplus: Carries a full line of salvage merchandise, closeouts merchandise, surplus closeouts, department stores closeouts, department store returns and salvage truckloads from over 100 department stores in America. Our prices are pennies on the wholesale dollar and we are made up of Salvage buyers, sellers + Salvage contract holders & Experts. We supply Brokers, Flea Market Vendors, Auctioneers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Exporters, Distributors, Non-Profit Organizations and Surplus Stores. We always have salvage merchandise, closeout merchandise and department stores returns by the pallet, lot or by the truckload, F.O.B. our Warehouse in Florida, available directly from the Department Stores Reclamation Centers to you! The flowing list of merchandise will give you an idea of what we carry. We are your #1 liquidation supplier of surplus closeouts, department stores closeouts, overstock closeout merchandise, bulk salvage merchandise, store returns, closeout merchandise and salvage store returns. We also have a huge variety of 500 pallets in stock. Give us a call! Once you find out what we have, you will love our selection of surplus closeouts, department stores closeouts, overstock closeout merchandise, bulk salvage merchandise, store returns, closeout merchandise and salvage store returns. We contract with over 100 department stores in the U.S. that supply us with these closeout and salvage merchandise. We export these special surplus and department stores closeouts, overstock closeout merchandise and salvage store returns to all countries. We carry a huge variety of closeout merchandise, liquidation, salvage and department store returns such as: Toys • Costume Jewelry • Domestics • Handbags • Lingerie • Electronics • • Sporting Goods • Food • Women's Apparel • Children's Clothing • Tools • Home Improvement • Housewares • As Seen on TV • Office Furniture • HardGoods • Perfumes • Athletic Shoes • Cosmetics • Office Supplies • Jeans • Men's Clothing • Softlines. List $3.00

184. Wholesale/Discount: Offers 6 Catalogs with brand names 35% to 70% off: Acorn, Adidas, Airwalk, Alf, Allen-Edmonds, Alpine Designs, Alps, Ariat, Asolo, Athalon, Australian Outback Collection, Avalanche, Wear, B.C. Ethic, Barnfly, Barry Bricken, Bell Sports, Beneficial T's by Patagonia, Biltwell, Birkenstock, Black Diamond, Blue Ridge Home, Blue Willi's of Denmark, Body Glove, Bolle', Born, Bridgedale, Brooks, Browning, Bucky of Seattle, Calida of Switzerland, Calzeat, Camaro of Austria, Camp Trails, Cannondale, Canterbury Leather, Carhartt, Carol Anderson, Carrera of Italy, Clarks of England, Cloudveil, Codet, Columbia, Conroy, Costa Del Mar, Cross Creek, D.S. Stewart, Dakota, Daniel Green, Danner, Dansko, Design Salt, Dexter Shoes, Dr. Martens, Drifta of Iceland, Dunham, Duofold, Eagle Creek, ECCO of Denmark, Ex Officio, Fjäll, Flyshacker, Fox River, Foxley of England Franz Bittner of Austria, Futai, Giesswein of Austria, Giro, Gloverall, Goettmann of Germany, Gramicci, Haflinger of Germany, Halltex of Austria, Harrison Hill House of Ireland, Havana Joe of Spain, Helly Hansen, Hind, Horny Toad, HS Trask, Icelandic Design, In Motion, Irish Setter, Isis, Jibs, Jonathan Michael, Josef Seibel of Germany, Justin Boots, Kelty, Kenneth Cole, Kenyon, Kimlor, Komperdell, Kong, La Sportiva, LaCrosse, Lafuma of France, Lee, Leki of Germany, Lewis Creek, Lindenmann of Germany, Louie, Lowa, Lowe Alpine, Marmot, MCD, Members Only, Merrell, Millet, Montrail, Moonstone, Moose Creek, Mountain Hardwear, Mountain Saftey Research, Mountainsmith Moving Comfort, Muleskins, N.E.O.S., Naot, Native Eyewear, New Balance, New England Ropes, Nike, Nikon, Nordic Gear, The North Face, Northwave, Obermeyer, Pangaea, Patagonia, Peacock Alley, Pearl Izumi, Pentax, Poly Commodity Porter House of Ireland, Prentiss, Quiksilver Raichle, Redfeather, Redsand, Rieker of Germany, Rockport, Rohner of Switzerland, Romika of Germany, Royal Robbins, Salomon, Saucony, Scots Glen of Scotland, Scott and Sterling, Sebago, Sector 9, Sevylor, Sigg of Switzerland, Simms, Simple, Slumberjack, Smart Wool, Sorel, Sperry, Sportif USA, Staph of Tyrolean Alps, Stearns, Stegmann of Germany, Steiner of Germany, Stohlquist, Sven, Tanya Knitwear, Tecnica, Terramar, Teva, Thermos / Nissan, Tibbett of England, Timberland, Travel Chair, Travelpro, Trezeta, True Grit, Tusting of England, TYR Sports, Van Laack of Germany, Vasque, Walls Industries, Watergirl, Wickers, Wigens of Sweden, Wild Roses, Woolrich, World Famous, Wrangler, Zeeta Shoes (US Only). Info:$3.00

192.- Manufacturer Direct "Go Karts": Sell Go Karts, 16 different models.Info: $3.00

193.- Wholesale/Import/Export "China" High Quality Inflatables: Bouncers, Sliders, Tents, Kiosks, Arches & Gates for any event decor, Product Assimulations, Cartoon Charactars, Balloon Advertisers, Christmas Products, Air Dancers, Pools, Air Beds, Boats, Climbers. View photos 1. - 2. - 3. - 4. - 5. - 6. For more information Click Here

196.- Wholesale/Closeouts: Bulk Lots, Odd Lots, Custom Lots, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, General Consumer Merchandise, The lowest price & best value in the world. Info: $3.00

197. Wholesale Clothes: full line of wholesale apparel closeouts, surplus, department stores returns, and salvage truckloads from over 100 department stores in America. Our prices are pennies on the wholesale dollar. We are not brokers, we own all the salvage, closeouts apparel that we offer to our clients. Due to our large volume of loyal customers, we are at the top and have major buying power. Many brokers and suppliers that are offering the same merchandise, are actually buying from us. So, the way to save money and increase your profit margin is to buy direct from us, your #1 direct clothing closeouts wholesaler., Info: $3.00

200. Wholesale/Dollar Store/Closeouts: Quality factory fresh products, close dated foods, irregulars, buybacks, dollar store and higher end closeouts, custom packaged goods for large volume items. Info: $3.00

201. Starting a convenience store: This company one is of the top 50 distributors in the country,and Will assist you in maximizing the sales opportunity in a location through a carefully designed and well thought out strategy. Will also work with you to see that you are well positioned to take advantage of all opportunities that exist in the marketplace. You can even visit one of their trade shows. Info: $3.00

203.-Wholesale/Closeouts/Dropship: Fashion, Arts & Crafts, As Seen on TV, Automotive, Baby Care, Backpacks, Bath and Body, Books & Calendars, Candles & Home , Fragrance, Cleaning Supplies, Clothing, Cosmetics & Fragrances, Custom Imprinting, Eco Friendly Products, Electronics & Media, Food Pantry, Footwear, Gift Baskets, Hardware, Health and Wellness, Holiday & Seasonal, Home Décor, Housewares, Jewelry, Lawn & Garden, Licensed Team Products, Office & School Supplies, Pallet Assortment, Party Supplies, Pets, Religious, Sports & Outdoors, State and Regional Souvenirs, Stationery & Gift Wrap, Store Fixtures, Toys & Games. The premiere online wholesaler distributor and closeout company that helps small businesses to compete against larger enterprises by offering more than 275,000 high-quality goods at the best prices around. wholesale distributor products are sold by the single case or you can buy in bulk. As a wholesale supplier. Information: $3.00

204. China Export: We are the largest manufacture of producing bamboo products in China. Our Products include: Flooring, furniture, carpets, curtians. See Photos Information: $3.00

208. Vitamin Manufacturers Of Private Label Supplements: Top Rated Vitamin Manufacturers With Low Volume Order Requirements And Hundreds Of Formulas To Choose From. Each of the vitamin manufacturers offer a private label vitamins program with EXTREMELY LOW volume requirements, some as few as 12 units per item if you supply the label or 24 units per item if you have them design the label for you. Information: $3.00

211. Wholesale Candles Aromatherapy, Aromatherapy Candle, Battery Operated Candle, Bees Wax Candle, Birthday Candle, Cake Candle, Candle, Candle Accessory, Candle Box, Candle Centerpiece, Candle Chandelier, Candle Company, Candle Container, Candle Fragrance, Candle Fund Raiser, Candle Fundraising, Candle Gift, Candle Holder, Candle Lamp, Candle Lantern, Candle Light, Candle Magic, Candle Making, Candle Making Kit, Candle Making Supplies, Candle Mold, Candle Party, Candle Scent, Candle Sconce, Candle Store, Candle Supply, Candle Wall Sconce, Candle Warmer, Candle Wax, Candle Wedding Favor, Candle Wick, Candles Manufacturers, Ceramic Candle Holder, Ceramic Candle Tray, Cheap Candle, Christmas Candle, Church Candle, Circle E Candle, Citronella Candle, Colonial Candle, Decorative Candle, Discount Candle, Dripless Candle, Ear Candle, Electric Candle, Essential Oil, Fireplace Candle, Flameless Candle, Floating Candle, Fragrance, Gel Candle, Gel Candle Supply, Gift, Glass Candle Holder, Gold Canyon Candle, Handmade Candle, Illumination Candle, Jar Candle, Lantern, Memorial Candle, Oil Candle, Old Virginia Candle, Party, Party Lite Candle, Partylite Candles, Personalized Candle, Pillar Candle, Root Candle, Salt City Candle, Scented Candle, Soy Candle, Soy Wax Candle, Taper Candle, Trapp Candle, Tyler Candle, Unity Candle, Unity Candle Holder, Vanilla Candle,Votive Candle, Votive Candle Holder, Wall Candle Holder, Wax, Wedding Cake Candle, Wedding Candles, Wedding Unity Candle,White Barn Candle, Wholesale Aromatherapy, Wholesale Candle, Wholesale Candle Holder, Wholesale Candle Supply, Wholesale Candles,Yankee Candle, Yankee Candle Company

213. Wholesale Jewelry & Watches: Clothing and Apparel: Dickies Girl * Famous Stars and Straps * Level 27 Clothing * Made Clothing * Playboy Clothing * BodyPUNKS. Body Jewelry: Assorted Body Jewelry * Barbells * Ball Replacements * Belly Button Rings * Blackline * Captive Rings * Circular Barbells * Dangle / Moving Designer Belly Button Rings * Designer Belly Navel Rings * Gold Body Jewelry * Eyebrow Rings * Glow Sticks * Labrets * Nipple Rings * Organic Body Jewelry * Plugs * Stretchers * Tongue Rings * UV Body Jewelry. Fine Jewelry: Stainless Steel Rings * Stainless Steel Bracelets * Stainless Steel Pendants * Titanium Rings * Titanium Bracelets * Tungsten Rings * Tungsten Bracelets. Punk Accessories: Punk Wide Band Watches * Wallets * Studded Leather Belts * Belt Buckles * Punk Wristbands. Bags: Dickies Bags * Levis Bags * Tokyo Bay Bags. Band Merchandise: Band Screen T-Shirt Printing & Buttons, Information: $3.00

214. Wholesale/Dropship: Hot selling products at the lowest wholesale prices. We import most of our products and ship throughout the United States and export worldwide.Security Products: Pepper Spray, Metal Batons, Stun Guns, Alarms, Chimes, Car Security, Metal Detectors, Money Detectors, CCTV Cameras, Dummy Cameras, Diversion Safes, Key Hiders. Safety Products: Safety Lights, Flash Lights, Automotive, Fire Safety, Child Safety. Spy Products: Spy Sunglasses, Voice Changers, Listening Devices, Tap Detectors, Invisible Ink. Electronic Gadgets: Radios, Batteries, Lights & Lasers, Phone Accessories, Recording Devices. Information: $3.00

215. Wholesale Self Defense Products: Stun Guns: Stun Master, Talon Mini Stun Gun, Z-Force Stun Guns, 625,000 Volt Stun Gun, 775,000 Volt Stun Gun, Stun Alarm Flashlights, Cell Phone Stun Gun, Stun Batons, Pepper Sprays: Pepper Spray Ring, Pepper Shot 1/2oz, Large Pepper Shot, Multi-Pack Sprays, Pepper Spray Book, Pepper Pager, Pepper Pens, WildFire 15%, Mace Sprays: Mace Pepper Foam, Michigan Approved, Mace PepperGard, Mace 10% Leather, Mace 10% Hard Case, Mace Batons, Triple Action Sprays, Mace Walking Weights, Animal Repellents: Mace Canine Repellent, Electronic Dog Repeller, Bear SprayTasers: Air Taser, Advanced Tasers. Spy & Surveillance: Spy Glasses, Voice Changers, Keyboard Recorder, Phone Recorders, Motion Sensor Phone, Digital Spy Camera, Visec Surveillance, Wireless Nanny Cams, Wired Hidden Camera, Money Tester Pen, Invisible Ink Pen.Knives: Butterfly Knives, Folding Knives, Pen Knives, Keychain Knife, Survival Knife. Martial Arts: Throwing Stars, Ninja Throwing Spikes, Ninja Climbing Gear, Kubotans, Tonfa - Police Batons, Self Defense Book, Martial Arts Videos. Weapons: Telescopic Batons, SAP Gloves, Paintball Gun, Crossbows, Sling Shot, Blowguns, Air Soft Air Guns.Alarms: Personal Alarms, Air Pressure Alarm, Driveway Alert Alarm, Wireless Home Alarms, Driver Alarm. Home Safety: Child Protection Kit, Child Guard Monitor, Dummy Camera, Big Jammer Door Brace, Diversion Safes, Safety Light, Pet Safety Light, Handcuffs, Metal Detectors. Information: $3.00

217. Wholesale Womens Clothing: 30 to 80% below wholesale. Check out our daily new arrivals, which include stylish tops, dresses, jeans, skirts, leggings, swim wear, and plus size clothing. We also carry a large selection of wholesale fashion accessories including handbags and purses, fashion jewelry, belts, fashion sunglasses, fragrances and nail polish. Through extensive research and knowledgeable buyers, we are able to offer competitive pricing on our line of products. •Tops •Dresses •Plus Size •Jackets/Sweaters •Bottoms/Jeans •Skirts •Active/Basic Wear •Leggings •Swim Wear •Intimate •Shoes •Handbags •Candles-Diffusers •Jewelry •Hats •Belts •Nail Polishes •Cosmetics •Fragrances •Sunglasses •Men's Apparel •Kid's Apparel •Assorted Deals. Information: $3.00

218. Manufacturer Direct/Closeouts: Offering distributors, dealers and builders a full range of flooring products and programs direct from the manufacturer. Our international team of quality control inspectors assures you the right product at high savings. Hand Scraped Solid & Eng, Engineered Prefinished Domestics, Solid Unfinished Exotic, Solid Unfinished Domestic, Solid Prefinished Exotic, Solid Prefinished Domestic, Engineered Prefinished Exotics, Engineered Unfinished Domestics, Laminate, Ceramic and Porcelain Tile, Closeouts/Deals Solid-Enginered, Truck Load, Pallet Quantity, Truck Load Solid Close Outs, Pallet Solid Close Outs, Engineered Truck Load Close Outs, Engineered Pallet Close Outs. Information: $3.00

219. Imports/Closeouts/Wholesale: We are a leading supplier of direct imports, domestic general merchandise, dollar store items and name brand closeouts. We offer the largest and most diversified assortment of “Extreme Value” consumer packaged goods for retail stores.We are committed to helping our customers grow and remain successful by offering more than 3,000 items across 20 everyday and seasonal categories, timely shipments and exceptional customer service. Information: $3.00

221. Food Distributor We assist customers with their food service operations; floor plans, equipment suggestions / orders, menu planning / costing, and product ordering.From start to finish, we can help you design and implement various types of food service programs at store level. Ranging from Sub Shoppe concepts to fresh chicken programs or if you'd just simply like to serve pre-made meals ranging from hot dogs to ready made sandwiches, our team can take you there! We deal with each customer on an individual basis, with an emphasis on Your Way. No menus are pre-set and there is no predetermined program that you are required to participate in. We center the program based on your needs and your stores demographics. With over 2,000 food service items, we can accommodate virtually any requirement you may have! More than seventy-five regional and national manufacturing companies support Café Your Way with the following items: Appetizers, Equipment, Potatoes, BBQ, Fresh Chicken, Pre-Sliced Meats, Beverages Frozen Beverages Ready-Made Sandwiches, Biscuits, Frozen Entrees, Retail Meats, Bulk Meats, Frozen Soups, Salads, Cheeses, Hot Dogs, Sauces, Chili, IQF Chicken, Seafood, Condiments, Nacho Products, Subs, Cooking Oils, Pastries, Supplies, Country Hams, Pizza, Vegetables, Donuts, Information: $3.00

#A222. Wholesale Trading Company: Japanese Electronic Dictionary, Canon Wordtank Japanese Electronic Dictionary, Sharp Japanese Electronic Dictionary, Seiko Japanese Electronic Dictionary, Casio Japanese Electronic Dictionary, Lingo Travel Translators, French-Japanese Electronic Dictionary, German-Japanese Electronic Dictionary, Italian-Japanese Electronic Dictionary, Spanish-Japanese Electronic Dictionary. Underwater Video Housing, Sony Sports Pack Underwater Video Housing / Marine Case, Panasonic Underwater Video Camera Housing / Waterproof Marine Case, JVC Underwater Video Housing, Sanyo Underwater Video Housing, Canon Underwater Video Housing. Underwater Camera Housing, Nikon Underwater Housing, Olympus Underwater Housing, Canon Underwater Housing, Sony Underwater Housing, Konnica Minolta Underwater Housing, Pentax Underwater Housing, Casio Underwater Housing, Fuji Underwater Housing, Panasonic Underwater Housing, Kodak Underwater Housing, Underwater Camera Housing Accessories. Chinese Electronic Dictionary, New! Canon Wordtank V90 Japanese/Chinese/English, Canon Wordtank V80 Japanese/Chinese/English, New! Lingo TTV-2 Voyager 12 Language Talking Dictionary, New! Canon Wordtank G90 Japanese/Chinese/English, CasioXD-LP7300 Chinese/Japanese/English, Lingo TR-2203 Pacifica Talk 10 Language Talking Translator. European Language Dictionaries, German/English Electronic Dictionary, French Electronic Dictionary, Italian Electronic Dictionary, Spanish Electronic Dictionary, Greek Electronic Dictionary, Russian Electronic Dictionary, Hebrew Electronic Dictionary. Asian Language Electronic Dictionaries, Chinese Electronic Dictionary, Thai Electronic Dictionary, Korean Electronic Dictionary, Japanese Electronic DIctionary. Spanish Electronic Dictionaries, New! Lingo TTV-2 Voyager 12 Language Talking Dictionary, Lingo TR-2203 Pacifica Talk 10 Language Talking Translator, Franklin Electronic Spanish Dictionary, Franklin Electronic Spanish Talking Dictionary, Franklin European Language Translator, Franklin English-Spanish Translator. Japanese Electronics, Japanese Import Headphones/Earbuds/Systems, Japanese Import Laptops, Hi-Tech Toys, Sony Vaio Computer Bags/Cases. Camera Bag/Case, Nikon Camera Bags, Nikon Camera Case, Olympus Camera Case. Information: $3.00

#A223. Liquidation Closeouts: For offline liquidation, we utilize our extensive internal database network com-prised of 16,000 registered buyers, and our off-price retail dealer network.. We have multiple product catego-ries, including computers & electronics, sporting goods, toys, home improvement, automotive, gifts, furniture and more. We also have a division that specializes in the liquidation of Fashion & Apparel inventory. Infor-mation $3.00

224. Dropship/wholesale/Private Label Herbal Home Made Soaps: Mango & Shea Butter Bar - Soft aroma and intensely rich, Lavender Flowers - Classic floral aroma and very relaxing, Spiced Cinnamon - Rich and warm aroma, Peppermint Zest - Bright and invigorating, Pink Geranium - An elegant and intensely floral aroma, Patchouli & Hemp Oil - The unmistakable scent of the 60's, Herbal Healing - Fresh, clean and therapeutic, Puppy's Pride - Your pet deserves the same quality products you enjoy, Aloe Vera Oatmeal – A very gentle bar with the soothing combination of organic powdered oatmeal and aloe vera, Sweet Citrus - Fresh, sweet and clean aroma, Lemongrass – Fresh aroma with a soft natural blend of natural lemongrass essential oil, Soap Logs - We offer 12" soap logs for any of the previous scents mentioned, Retail Soap Crate Displays, Information: $3.00

225. Genuine U.S. Government Surplus: Property Official Source for Public Sales Dealers and Individuals Welcome. Auction by Property Type; Marine, Aerospace, Test Equipment, National and Regional Sales. Over 500 different commodity categories and thousands of surplus items added weekly to our inventory, Information: $3.00

226. Beading and Jewelry Supply: Swarovski Crystal, Beads, Components, Acrylic Beads, Bone & Horn Beads, Celestial Crystal™ Beads, Czech Glass Beads, Gemstone Beads, Glass Beads, Metal Beads, Pearls, Porcelain Beads, Promo Beads, Seed & Bugle Beads, Shell Beads, Turquoise Beads, Wood & Nut Beads, Jewelry SuppliesBooks & Videos, Cabochons, Chains, Charms, Clasps, Components, Displays & Organizers, Earring Findings, Faceted Gems, Findings, Glues & Adhesives, Headpins, Jewelry Crafts, Jumprings, Metal Clay, Mountings & Settings, Pendants, Polyclay, Tools, Stringing Material, Accu-Flex® Beading Wire, Thread & Cord, Wire. Information: $3.00

227. Magnetic Beads: Importer and wholesale supplier of high quality magnetic beads. We sell super power beads and the highest strength triple power or high power beads. Our prices are low! Our minimums are low! Our bead quality is high! Our inventory is huge! Because we take great pride in creating innovative magnetic bead jewelry and design unique pieces for our retail jewelry customers, we only purchase the highest quality beads and supplies. The magnetic beads that we sell are the very same high quality beads that we use to make our custom magnetic jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, anklets, etc.). Magnetic & Non-Magnetic Hermatite, Rainbow beads, Magnetic pearls, Triple power beads, Magnetic claps, Accent beads, Spacers, Claspless beads. Information: $3.00

228. Wholesale Ceramic Tile Distributor: Your connection to 55 manufacturers of ceramic tiles. Your gateway to evey tile under the sun. If your business is tile, this is for you. Contractors, send your customers to one of their Professionally staffed showrooms and they will act as your representative and quote them with suggested retail prices. Information: $3.00

229. Wholesale/Dropship/Novelties: a family owned and operated business. We sell only the Hottest Novelties and General Merchandise in the USA and around the World. Animal World, Plush Toys, Bandanas, Billy Bob Teeth, Boys Toys, Calculators, Christmas, Custon Money, Doo Rags, Electronics, Fake Money, Fake Teeth, Fart Stuff, Flags, Flashing Items, Gag Gift/Pranks, Glow Items, Hats, Inflatables, Jewelry, Key Chains, Lighters, Magic Tricks, Magnetic Ribbons, Peggy Banks, Prank Pacifiers, Skull Tees, Smiley Face Toys, Stickers, Sticky Stuff, Sun Glasses, Tapestries, Tattos T-Shirts, Watches, Information: $3.00

230. Importer & Distributor Of Fine Food Products: Candies, Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Gift Products, CoffeeCookies/BiscuitsDrinks, Fruit In Syrup, GrainsHoney, Jarred Products, Juices, Nectars & Pomegranates, Kosher Products, Noodles, Olives, Pates, Polish Products, PreservesSardines & Mackerels, Seasonings, Syrups, Toasts, Wafers, Water. Information: $3.00

231. Wholesale Medical Supplies: Accessories, EMS Supplies, Back Packs/ Drug Module/ IV Module, Burn care, First Aid Supplies, Dressings, Diagnostic Instruments, Durable Medical Equipment/ Healthcare, Emergency Medical Fanny Packs, EMT Holster Sets, Forceps, Immobilization/ Back Boards & Straps, KENDRICK Device, Infection Control, Intubation Bag, Lifesaving Emergency Lights, Strobe Kits, K-9 KITS, Medical Exam Room Furniture, Cabinets, Medical Instruments & Nurse Accessories, Medical Kits, Trauma Kits, Jump kits, First Aid Kits, Military Bandages, Supplies, Kits & Gear, New Products, Nurses Fanny Packs, Nurses Medical Aprons & Comfort Foot Wear, Oxygen Bags, 02 Kits , Respiratory Supplies & Defibrillators, Para Med Medical Scissors, Paramedic, EMT Pouches & Holders, Patient Care Medical, Personal Protective Equipment ,Clothing & Body Armor, Physician's, Nurse's Bags, Responder Holsters, Scrub Apparel, Lab Coats, Law Enforcement Uniforms, Tote Bag, Rescue Gear Bag, Emt gear Bag, Trauma Bags, Medic Gear Bags, Responder Bags. Information: $3.00

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